Susan Wright

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Change can either be very scary or very rewarding.  Seven years ago my life changed dramatically and it has been the most gratifying change I have ever experienced.

Van An Nguyen was a tiny 11 lb. baby in Hue, Vietnam waiting for her forever family.  Little did she know or did I know how much love, joy and transformation she would bring into our lives.  Not only did I now have a beautiful daughter, Evelyn Van An to share my life with, but at the same time I also now felt an intense connection with the community where she was born.  This connection inspired in me the desire to give back.  I was determined to give back to people of Hue who struggle every day to keep their families together through so much adversity. The An Hoa Social Caring Center not only took care of my daughter before I arrived to take her home but they also provided 20 special needs children with a comprehensive day program to attend.  These children are given the nurturing, care and education that their families could otherwise not provide for them.  The parents are able to find work during the day hours knowing that their children are being cared for and loved by teachers and caregivers who want the best for their them.  This program gives hope and changes the lives of children who deserve the chance of a happy, productive life filled with the same joy and love I now have with Evelyn.

Change is great and very ,very rewarding.


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