Kate Stein Hilliker

Screenshot 2014-03-14 at 1.30.10 PM

Before I worked for the Alliance for Children Foundation, I visited another, less supported, orphanage in Haiti.  There were 30 children, in a cinderblock building, with very little resources. The kids were adorable, and so sweet.  Still, I could sense a certain weariness among them.

We played for a few hours and I wondered how they occupied 30 kids without toys, school or basic supplies, so  I asked the headmistress to describe a typical day.  She said “Well, we wake up, and if there’s food, we have breakfast…”

If there’s food.

I was holding two little girls in my arms as we talked, and thinking they felt just like my own children, then suddenly, I felt like their mom.  A mom filled with sadness, frustration and panic at the thought of “my kids” going hungry for even one day.

Those two little girls had a big impact on me.  I got involved with the Foundation and joined a team working to support orphaned children around the world.  I still think about them every day, and I hope, someday, to change their lives the way they changed mine.


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